'So You Think You Can Dance' recap: Foregone conclusion Season 7, Episode 11

You've really got to wonder if the So You Think You Can Dance producers think their contestants and viewers are complete simpletons, or at least have no grasp of simple math. After Alex, Ashley, AdeChike, Kent, and Lauren all were declared safe, there were only four dancers left, with all the bottom three slots still empty. Billy and Robert stood on the stage. Assuming both boys possessed a scintilla of dramatic sense and could count to four, they clearly realized that there was little chance that the final two dancers waiting in the wings, Melinda and Jose, would both be in the bottom three - ergo, Billy and Robert almost certainly knew they'd both be dancing for their lives. And yet the producers forced them and us to wait over a commercial break for Cat to deliver the bad news. It's as if the evening's ultimate conclusion was so foregone that nobody even tried to muster any true suspense. Why not send Melinda to the bottom three first, and then pair up Jose and Billy, and Kent and Robert?

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