'CSI' Sneak Peek: Just One Photo From "Working Stiffs"

You know I usually make a slideshow when new photos from an upcoming episode of CSI (and, obviously, all the other shows I cover) come out. But anyone who's done a slideshow on BuddyTV know the rules: you need to have at least three slides before you can make one. Unfortunately, for next week's episode of CSI, the folks at CBS only gave us one.

So I decided we'll just have a little bit of fun and make up a caption to this image. Nothing's at stake. Just a bit of fun. This photo, by the way, if for next week's episode, named "Working Stiffs"--and involves a case of office politics gone wrong. Really wrong.

Let's put it this way. Two people who work at the same place decide to rob a casino. Sounds bad already, right? But something worse happens in the end, and I'm guessing it's a murder, because the team will be investigating a murder. Seinfeld's Wayne Knight will be a guest star in this episode.

Now for the photo, because seeing Laurence Fishburne look like this is a bit funny:

What do you think is happening? Does Langston know anyone past those doors? Why is Nick rapping? Okay, he isn't rapping, but you get my idea. This episode of CSI airs October 15, from 9pm, on CBS. That's how I'd end the slideshow if this was a slideshow.

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