CASTLE ''He's Dead, She's Dead'' Review

A psychic is stabbed with an ice pick and stuffed into a couch in this episode of CASTLE, called He's Dead, She's Dead. Being on the case of a psychic/medium sparks up a debate between Castle and Beckett, he's a believer but she's a skeptic and every clue that Castle finds that proves the woman had visions, Beckett finds a way to shoot it down and give a logical explanation. They track the clues until they find that the one responsible was a woman who first murdered her cheating husband and then murdered the psychic when she thought the man was going to speak from the dead and give her away.

My favorite bits...

Castle's very pointed silence when Alexis said how much they would miss his mother if she got married. LOL.

Castle and Ryan trying to pluralize the name Casillas. They're right, it's a toughie.

Castle asking Beckett if she believed in double rainbows. Knowing Nathan's fascination with the Double Rainbow Guy it made me wonder if that was an adlib.

Giggling at Castle's little squeak when Beckett started reading the letter from the psychic and he thought she had predicted her own death.

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