Recap Arrested Development: Season 3, Episode 7 - Prison Break-In

Michael Bluth pays an unexpected visit to his mother. Lucille figures he wants something, since he has been ignoring the family in favor of Rita. Michael reminds her that his relationship is over, though in fact he is so devastated by the breakup that he has brought out the old guitar.

Buster, meanwhile, is excited about the new pet turtle he has bought in a misguided attempt to make his mother jealous. He names the turtle Mother, and stores it in a box that Oscar uses to store marijuana. Michael reminds Lucille that he needs her as the co-chair of the Bluth Foundation Dinner. He wants to avoid a previous debacle in which the family couldn’t agree on a disease and sent out invitations reading “Disease: TBA”. The family ended up raising $25,000 to fight TBA, and then did it again the next year. When donors found out, they nearly rioted.

Lucille assures Michael that he has nothing to worry about because Warden Gentiles, the former warden of George Senior’s prison, is the new co-chair. The warden is installing cameras in Lucille’s penthouse because of George Senior’s frequent escape attempts, and to study George Sr. because he is the main character in the warden’s screenplay, New Warden. Although George Sr. insists that, thanks to his new hobby of making papier mache copies of his head, he is now happy at home. Lucille raves that the warden is letting them hold the dinner in a new wing of the jail.

Michael goes home to complain to Lindsay. This disappoints Maeby, as she had met with Warden Gentles to use his prison as a film location. Lindsey excitedly tells Michael about this year’s disease, GVH, for Graft Versus Host, which Tobias already suffers from. His hair transplant is rejecting his body, meaning that Tobias has to remove his graft or die. Lindsay, of course, is making Tobias keep the hair until the benefit dinner. Michael begins to worry that Warden Gentiles is using Lucille, but Lindsay figures he just likes her.

Buster is feeling abandoned by Mother, his now dead turtle, when Oscar returns, looking for his weed. When he learns that Buster’s turtle ate it all, he attempts to leave, wanting to avoid George Sr. Buster begs him to stay, suggesting he can hide in one of G.O.B.'s (Gob’s) tricks. Maeby, bored by New Warden, asks George Michael to read it instead. Michael races to warn his mother of Warden Gentiles’ intentions, but finds them having a romantic meal. Lucille tells Michael she is trying to seduce the warden, not the other way around.

Michael rushes home to tell G.O.B. and Lindsay what he has learned. George Michael has read New Warden, and takes it as a subtle signal from Maeby about their future. Realizing that nobody else will help, Michael approaches Buster about disrupting Lucille’s plans; Buster doesn’t care either. Michael decides to tell George Sr., who appears unmoved, mainly because he knows about it already. Michael, putting the dinner and the model heads together, realizes George Sr. is planning an escape attempt, which he is, with Lucille calling him with the code to remove his ankle bracelet. Then she tells George Sr. that if he is now free, so is she to spend the night with the warden.

An ambulance arrives to take Tobias and Lindsay to the charity dinner. George Michael says he is going to support Maeby. Feeling rejected, Michael decides to stay home and read. But the family has no books, so Michael finds New Warden, where he learns Warden Gentles’ true intentions: he is merely using Lucille to get even with George Sr. and to give her chlamydia.

George Sr. realizes his papier mache heads will not fool the cameras. So he searches through Gob’s magic stuff to find something to use. He finds Oscar, unconscious in one of Gob’s cages, having been knocked out by Buster. George Sr. orders Gob to get his magic stuff out of the penthouse, which allows George Sr. to hide in the magic box instead.

Michael finds G.O.B. at the model home and implores him to help him break into the prison to save Lucille. Buster finds Oscar, who once again had been shaved to look like George Sr. Although Buster frees Oscar, the police quickly arrest him. The guys arrive at the prison to stage their break in. Gob dons George-Michael’s jet pack, but forgets to strap it on. As a backup plan, he had drawn the prison blueprints on his stomach. Upside down. To read them, Gob has to lie on the ground, meaning Michael has to straddle him in a very compromising position. A prison guard finds them, but thinks they are part of the gala and motions them inside.

Inside, George Michael invites Maeby to pick a cell to share with him. In the warden’s office, guards lead Oscar into Warden Gentles’ office. In the dining hall, Gob’s video begins playing. When the patrons learn that removing his hair plugs will cure Tobias, the crowd grows unruly.

Michael catches up with his mother in a conjugal trailer and begs her not to go through with her plans. When she resists, Michael tells her about the screenplay, which she knew about. In fact, she gave him the Chlamydia. George Sr. breaks into the trailer and demands that Lucille give their relationship one last shot. Warden Gentles comes in and asks if George Sr. is in here, who was being deloused at the moment. George Sr. admits that it was Oscar, and tells the warden that if he frees Oscar and gives George Sr. and Lucille one hour alone, they can call everything even. The warden agrees.

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