Recap: Week 2

The designers are down by two, after Kristin leaves by choice, and the remaining ones break up into teams for their Mini Challenge of deciphering high-end and budget fashion items. For their Elimination Challenge, the teams design cohesive looks for socialite Tinsley Mortimer.

This episode starts out with Kristin, who was in the bottom two last week, crying over the judges' critique of her tube dress. She admits the competition is very hard and reveals that after only one challenge, she will be leaving the show by choice. She clearly can't handle criticism well.

Right off the bat, the designers learn they will be competing in the Mini Challenge with the same teams they were in last week. As last week's winner, James-Paul decides if someone on his team or the harem pants team will join the tube dress team (since they're down by two). James-Paul picks Daniella, who is ecstatic that she no longer has to work with mouthy Merlin.

For the Mini Challenge, each team gets a box of both high-end and affordable items. Their task is to dress one model in the "Bank" items and another in the "Budget" items while being timed. The tube dress team has three incorrect items - including the blazers, which are a difference of about $700. The clock starts again and they make some swaps, but are still off by two. Third times a charm and they clock in with the correct items at 7:29. The harem pants team is confident going in and start sniffing bags for fake leather. And guess what? They get the bags wrong, along with the belt. They're off by one piece for their second try, and third and fourth, for that matter. They finally get it on their fifth try and they come in at 13:02. The bolero jacket team gets it right the first try with a winning time of 3:47.

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