House Episode Recap: "Now What?" Season 7, Episode 1

Now that House and Cuddy have admitted to having real feelings for each other, the two take a day off from work to explore their emotions - both in and out of the bedroom. But little does Cuddy know that while she and House are playing hooky, chaos is breaking loose at her hospital as Princeton Plainsboro stands to lose its accreditation as a Level 1 Trauma Center.

In this week's Season 7 premiere, things pick up where we left off in the finale where Cuddy and House are holding one another in the bathroom. (To give everyone a little refresher: A very fragile House nearly relapsed after losing a patient, but Cuddy arrived to his apartment in the nick of time and finally tells him how she really feels about him before sharing a tender kiss.) The emotional scene continues at the start of the episode as she tends to House's wounds incurred from the wreckage at the scene of the crane collapse. She takes his pants down, leaving a very vulnerable House standing before her with a mangled-looking scar on his bum leg. He's clearly very self conscious, but Cuddy puts him at ease as she simply says, "It's OK. I love you," before kissing the scar and moving to the bedroom.

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