Not impressed!

new ctu look is crap too much futuristic elememts which are ponitless!

also i notice in season 8 aftyer interagation they dont promise too

much pardon from the president instead they offer no death sentence.

but still so not real This Mr Jackie never will be classy Brucy Die

Hard!!Sorry its true


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Mar 30, 2010 5:55AM EDT

Die Hard is a terrible movie series...You're complaining about realism when Die Hard 4 had a freaking jet plane vs a semi-truck?!Not to mention the pilot of said plane was stupid enough to get taken out by the highway or the truck or whatever happened (I don't remember the details)! A real trained pilot would not have been that stupid.
24 is a very good tv show and while it does fall into a similar pattern with each series (including presedential pardons) it's most definately better then the turd that is Die Hard :P

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