Lauren Conrad's Book "L.A. Candy" to Be Released this June

Season 5 of The Hills may be noted for the absence of Lauren Conrad, but the series' star will definitely make her presence felt elsewhere. It looks like the 23-year-old star isn't content with her work on the small screen and in fashion, since she's ready to release a novel of her very own.

That's right, she's not going the way of Miley Cyrus and penning a memoir. She really did write this story, which we can most likely peg as chick lit. Still, the book sounds very familiar - probably like a compilation of tabloid rumors centering on the celeb. Even though it's no autobiography, "L.A. Candy" is based from Lauren Conrad's own experiences as a star of The Hills.

"L.A. Candy" revolves around a girl who moves to Los Angeles and - gasp! - finds herself the leading lady in a reality show. If that isn't Conrad's life in a nutshell then we don't know what is. This work of fiction is said to be something teens will enjoy, and fans of Lauren's will devour.

You might want to see for yourself, as an excerpt from the book can be found below.

"Jane felt her blood freeze. Fiona never called Jane into her office unless she was in trouble. It was always something like, 'Jane, the last time I checked, ivory and eggshell weren't the same color,' or 'Jane, is this message from Jeffrey with a J or Geoffrey with a G?'"

There you have it. The paragraph is hardly an eye-opener or even worthy of a good snicker, but it's Lauren Conrad's own words. While "L.A. Candy" won't win any Nobel Prizes for Literature, it'll surely sell to tweens.

A number of comments about the book stated similarities to Gossip Girl and even a lesser version of The Devil Wears Prada. While the elitist lifestyle seems to have been covered and over-exposed these days, having "L.A. Candy" set in a reality show is practically the only thing new about the novel. That being said, Lauren Conrad's experiences on The Hills certainly came in handy.

Conrad's novel hits bookstores on June 16.

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