Review: 'Damages' - 'Flight's at 11:08' ' Season 3, Episode 3

Educational it was, both for Patty Hewes and viewers alike, as last night's 'Damages' proved that it can tell one helluva narrative without any of those pesky "six months from now" flashes. 'Flight's at 11:08' isn't the first episode to put the back and forth, past/present/future jumps on the back-burner, but it is the earliest it's happened in a season. Normally, those narrative devices don't fade away until the climactic moment later in the season when everything collides. What we got instead was a bit of different angle for 'Damages' as last night's episode was driven by the characters and not the over-arching plot.

In many ways, the whole point of the hour was to lead us up to that final moment when Ellen called Patty. Despite Ellen's feelings, these two of more alike that she'll ever admit. On one side, we had Patty doing whatever it takes to find Danielle Marchetti while Ellen did all she could to focus on her family and distance herself from her work. It didn't matter, though, because by the end of hour Ellen was only concerned about the same thing Patty was -- did they get Danielle?

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