Recap Days of our Lives: Thursday 7/22/10

Hope is just about to torch Bo when Daniel shows up looking for Carly. Hope hides as Daniel enters and finds Bo unconscious. Daniel realizes Bo is soaked in gasoline, and tries to revive him. As Hope pulls her gun, she's thwarted by approaching sirens. Roman arrives with the paramedics on a call from an anonymous tipster. Hope hears, and realizes it must have been Dr. Baker. She slips out undetected as Bo's rushed to the hospital. Later, Hope confronts Dr. Baker. He claims he tipped off the cops out of love he has for her. Hope's worried Bo will survive and remember what she did to him. She dashes to the hospital to finish him off. Hope arrives and Daniel manages to save Bo to Carly's deep relief. When Hope overhears that Bo is still unconscious, she slips into his room. Roman shows up to tell Daniel and Carly that along with the gasoline, incendiary devices were found spread around the house. It looks like someone was trying to burn down the house â€" with Bo in it. At the same time, Hope hovers over Bo, ready to take his life.

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