Review: 'Life Unexpected' - 'Bong Intercepted' Episode 4

I am so excited for the return of the infamous bong lamp, but wow, does it cause some major trouble. Last week, we saw Lux sell Baze's pride and joy to help cover his bar rent. Two weeks ago, the offending lamp was also one of the reasons Baze was denied full custody of Lux. This week, it's the reason she gets suspended from her fancy-pants public school. Stupid lamp, can't do anything right.

We're ratcheting up the drama here this week. Lux's illusions of family life crumble a bit more as she and Cate, in the grand traditions of mothers and daughters everywhere, clash something awful.

There were a lot of touching moments this week. First, Cate and Baze receive a copy of Lux's case file, that includes a sweet letter she wrote to Santa when she was eight years old, asking for a Mom and Dad for Christmas. It's so adorable it makes you want to vomit. After that, we got Cate sticking up for Lux to her old high school principal, rightfully pointing out that Lux made a simple mistake and shouldn't be punished so harshly for it.

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