THE CLOSER ''Jump the Gun'' Review

There were some major changes for Brenda and Fritz on tonight's episode of THE CLOSER, Jump the Gun, and it looks like there may be more in their future. But before we get to that, let's talk about the group of bank robbers Major Crimes and the FBI busted in this episode. They were robbing banks to finance private schools, an underwater mortgage, credit card debt, and student loans. Is this a sign of the times or what?

The hostage negotiator, Detective Hayward, seemed arrogant and guilty as sin when they first interviewed him. But it turns out the mastermind was the yuppie-ish brother with the preppy clothes (seriously, was this neighborhood in LA or Cape Cod?). My favorite part of this case was the getaway driver, Boyd, escaping four cops and an FBI agent in a red convertible with balloons tied to it. Ha!

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