Being Human: "Series 2, Episode 5" Review Season 2, Episode 5

So, how do you solve a problem like Annie? Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber might have a few ideas but it's increasingly apparent that Being Human's writing crew doesn't. We had tantalising hints of a meatier story arc for everyone's favourite ethereal tea-maker at the start of the series, only for the door to shut, quite literally, on the whole promising affair last week.

Having robbed the character of her corporeal presence early on, then stemmed the Gatekeeper threat a little too conveniently, Annie's been left with little to do beyond loitering round the house, providing comic relief and the occasional platitude. It's a shame she spends most of her time in the shadow of George and Mitchell and this week was no exception. While the boys got the lion's share of screen time, Annie's endured a mostly silly, slightly flaccid bout of ghostly baby sitting. It was supposed to provide some poignancy as she reflected on the bits of life she'll never experience herself, but its daffy execution didn't come anywhere close to having the intended emotional impact.

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Mar 11, 2010 5:26PM EST

I couldn't disagree with you more!!!! Annie is not a problem, and she doesn't need to be solved. She is a character that needs to be developed slowly and with great care. Thats exactly what this show does. Where did you even come up with that inept metaphor? Im not sure what meaty arch you were expecting, but the one they have delivered is working perfectly. Its absurd to assume that the metaphysics of the ghost realm are going to work like a clock. Just because you were strongly wanting her to be a certain way doesn't mean that the writing crew made a mistake by going a completely different way. her corporeal essence is going to come and go. thats pretty clear. It is completely logical that it doesn't take much for a ghost to lose it. So saying she was robbed of it is just odd. It makes more sense that she is awarded corporeal essence rarely, and never permanently. Thats a wonderful concept. So, don't get comfortable with her becoming some powerhouse blessed with ghostly powers. Sometimes she is just that. Sometimes she is a puff of wind unable to do much more then watch. That does NOT mean she is relegated to "comic relief". Her character is every bit as important and powerful even when just a few people can see her, and she can do very little to influence the world. You think that her being forced so bluntly to realize that she will never have a child, a love so strong that even in death its not diminished, is "slightly silly"? Obviously you see comedy in tragic things more then most. Annie has every bit the amount of screen time and lines that the boys do. And she makes just as much impact if not more. I see you want her to receive even more, but that would be unbalanced. She is perfect where she is. The exorcism of Annie is by FAR the most impressive thing from this show. I had nightmares about Kemp's voice it was so powerful. Wonderful scene! Annie is being handled perfectly. Respectfully; I HATE your review. Enjoy watching the show.

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