Two and a Half Men Episode Recap: "He Smelled the Ham, He Got Excited"

Evelyn offered to pay for Jake's college education and planned to get Jake a car if he did well in school. Since Evelyn intended to take such good care of Jake, Alan considered taking an early retirement. Meanwhile, Alan and Charlie tried to figure out why their mother was being so generous.

Alan, Charlie and Jake were invited to have dinner at Evelyn's house. Charlie was very anxious and kept trying to figure out why his mother invited them over for dinner. He thought his mother wanted something or was up to something bad. "We'll be lucky to leave here with all of our fingers and gonads!" said Charlie. Evelyn finally said that she had some good news to share and said "No, I'm not dying" as she looked over at Charlie. She revealed that she wanted to set up a trust fund for Jake so he could go to college. Evelyn also told Jake that if he buckled down and got good grades that she would get him a car. Jake didn't seem too excited about the school part. At one point he said, "More school, big whoop!" but he was very excited about possibly being given a car in the future. Charlie just couldn't grasp the concept of Jake even going to college. Charlie said, "Look at him, maybe there should be one child left behind!"

Back at the house, Charlie still was trying to think of reasons why his mother would be so generous and pay for Jake to go to college, especially when everyone knew how dumb Jake could be. Charlie said to Alan that you have to start thinking twisted to get in her head. He then went on to give an example of what Evelyn could be thinking. If Jake could make it all the way through law school, maybe he would land on the zoning commission, and Evelyn would be able to add an extra bedroom or level to her house. Charlie knew that had to be along the lines of what his mother was thinking when she decided to do this for Jake.

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