'Bones' Season 5, Episode 19 Recap: Rockin' and rollin' and whatnot

I debated titling this recap 'Testicle Festival,' but since we never found out what caused the victim - a rich poser at a rock'n roll fantasy camp murdered by a fellow camper to - have a prosthetic gonad, it didn't feel right.

For me, the fantasy camp fell a little flat - I didn't know the guy playing famous guest guitarist Erik Dalton was Josh Todd from Buckcherry. I just sorta thought he looked like Carey Hart. Nor did I understand how cool it was that Michael Des Barres played the camp's frontman, Simon Graham, until I looked him up online. So basically, I'm about as uncool as Bones here, and I get that. All that was left for me to appreciate was the comedy of Booth wearing the dolphin tie the marine biologist gave him around his head and Brennan strapping on a guitar (it's not dissimilar to some tribal lute she learned how to play once) to sing 'Hot Blooded,' which we all remember as their song from the season 1 episode 'Two Bodies in the Lab.' That's the one in which someone was trying to kill Brennan, so Booth went to her apartment to watch over her and discovered that she has no TV (of course I would remember that), but that she did own a music collection that includes Foreigner. After their air session on 'Hot Blooded,' Booth went to the fridge to get a drink and it blew up, putting him in the hospital. After hitching a ride in Hodgins' tiny car, Booth ended up rescuing Brennan from a dirty FBI agent (Adam Baldwin), and they shared that embrace. Then Brennan went to visit a shirtless Booth (of course I would also remember that) back at the hospital, and instead of going on her date with the guy she'd been chatting with online and on the phone, she stayed with him.

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