'24': Explosions of all kinds rock our heroes Season 8, Episode 3

Two more hours of "24" brings us 1/6th closer to the end of Jack Bauer's eighth longest day of his life. The man might be a grandpa, but he still has the magic.

Decrypting is hard work, yo. For CTU, it'll take them roughly 30-40 minutes. Meanwhile, Brian Hastings has become the personal butt monkey to White House Chief of Staff Rob Weiss. He asks for everyone to step up their game. Jack's still on his own with Chloe in Queens. Even after getting the info he needed from bribing a baller on the local hoops court, he still runs into bad luck when a corrupt cop Tasers the living daylights out of him. Seems the bad cop has fingered Jack as the cop (and cop's wife) killer. Good cop wants no part of this, but he's in too deep now! "Mike" (he's officially Davros now) is already off to the UN. And Meredith still won't spill about the affair, even though a key card linked to Hassan has been found.

Oh, and the whole Dana/Jenny/Kevin Wade deal... now the redneck scumbag has weaseled his way into staying at Dana's place. This better pay off big time, because I'm already tired of it.

Meanwhile, Meredith finally admits to the affair, but Brian insists on asking Hassan himself, who's currently engaged in negotiations with President Taylor. Even Chloe wants in on this action to prove herself: if Meredith isn't the bad guy, Brian has to go find Jack. Speaking of, he finally musters the strength to beat down the bad cop and gets the good cop to verify his credentials and take him to the UN. Once Hassan is asked about the affair, Farhad pleads with his brother not to admit to it... except Hassan totally does, leaving Farhad to call Davros and set the assassination plot in motion.

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