Two and a Half Men Episode Recap: "The Devil's Lube"

When Charlie's old friend Andy, a womanizer like Charlie, suddenly died, it made Charlie take a look at his own lifestyle and he attempted to make a few changes in his life.

Charlie's longtime friend, Andy (played by Charlie Sheen's real brother, Emilio Estevez), was in town visiting Charlie. They were smoking cigars on the balcony when Alan came outside to see what they were up to. Alan had never met Andy before, so Charlie introduced them. Charlie told Alan that Andy was like the brother he never had. Charlie implied that he favored Andy as his brother over Alan. "Andy is the only guy who can match me drink for drink and broad for broad" Charlie explained to Alan. Charlie and Alan were talking to each other, but at one point they looked over at Andy, and he was laying there with a cigar in his mouth and his eyes wide open and they knew he was dead. Alan asked Charlie, "Who's your favorite brother now?"

Berta and Jake were in the kitchen talking about what had happened. Berta had asked Jake to remind her to flip over the cushion where Andy died, and then Jake started comparing Andy's death to pizza. He said how the body bag reminded him of the bags that they put pizza in when it gets delivered to your house. "I wonder if they got him to the morgue in 30 minutes or less" Jake said to Berta. Berta then said how she was surprised that Charlie didn't go first since Charlie and Andy lived very similar lifestyles. Charlie had overheard Berta say this, so I think this freaked him out a little bit and it got him to start thinking more about his life. He then left to get every test that the hospital could offer because he was worried about his own life.

After getting his hospital tests, Charlie returned home with a few gifts for those closest to him. Alan told Charlie that the minute Charlie started thinking about his own mortality it made him start thinking about the people in his life. Alan was expecting one of the gifts to be for him, but Charlie never got Alan a gift. Charlie went into Jake's room to give him his gift, which was a mini video camera. "Is this because you think you're dying?" Jake asked Charlie. Charlie didn't like Jake's question, so Jake told him that he needed to relax or he would give himself a heart attack.

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