Episode Recap: "Thank God for Scoliosis"

In this episode, Alan tried to fight off the attraction that was developing between him and his receptionist, while Charlie and Jake competed with each other to win the affection of a waitress.

Alan began to sense an attraction between him and his receptionist, Melissa, and it became apparent that the feelings were mutual. This was the same receptionist that was seeing Charlie a few episodes back. Alan and Melissa kissed, but afterwards Alan felt guilty and said that they couldn't do this anymore, and Melissa said, "I'm sorry, I can't help it; I ache for you!"

Back at the house, Alan was watching TV alone when Charlie came in. Charlie wanted to watch football, but Alan wanted his alone time, but Charlie didn't care. Since he wasn't going to get his alone time, Alan decided to ask Charlie for some advice. "I'm conflicted Charlie, do you think you can choose who you love?" Charlie thought Alan was going to come out of the closet. "What's his name?" Charlie asked. He also told him to come out when he's ready. Alan then told him about Melissa, and reminded him that she was the receptionist that he dumped, and in order for him to keep her as his receptionist, he had to give her a raise, health insurance, and a paid vacation. "Melissa and I have great chemistry" Alan admitted to Charlie. Alan told Charlie he faced a moral dilemma which involved an intimate relationship with an employee. Charlie said that he could understand why he was in a dilemma and said that you don't crap where you eat. His suggestion to Alan was that he could fire her then boink her.

Berta found out about Alan and his receptionist, who she referred to as "Tinkerbell with the knockers." When Alan came into the kitchen she said to him, "I heard you're sinking your putts in the company golf course!" Alan seemed embarrassed that Berta knew. She then told him that at some point he will end up with his heart broken if he continues his relationship with his receptionist because those types of relationships never end well.

At work, Alan apologized to Melissa for what happened between them the other day. He told her that he thought it would be unwise for them to succumb to those feelings. Melissa agreed and Alan seemed shocked that she agreed but also a little disappointed. He asked her how his schedule for the day looked and she said he had nothing scheduled for a half hour and that they were wide open. After Alan heard this, he couldn't resist his receptionist and he took advantage of that half hour.

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