'Chuck': Angie Harmon guest stars, and Brandon Routh joins the team

Our fledgling Chuck 2.0 flew on his own a little bit this week, but he's clearly not ready to leave the nest just yet. And the CIA apparently agrees, since they hire Superman himself as Team Chuck's new leader. And man, who would've thought there was someone out there who makes Casey's management style look warm and fuzzy? Yikes. That said, I'm excited about the shake-up - it'll be great to have someone with a new dynamic, especially now that Casey's generally on Chuck's side.

Angie Harmon vs. Superman: In a surprise to nobody who watched last week's preview, Awesome's alive! For now! Angie Harmon, playing Ring not-quite-supervillain Sydney, has mistaken him for "one of the CIA's best...a world-class spy." While I have no doubt that if he were a spy, Awesome would be world-class, I'm not quite clear on how Sydney got - and kept - this impression. And I'll note that if Sydney, as Awesome says, thinks Awesome is Chuck, that means Chuck is a world-class spy now? Well, at least the Ring respects your skills, buddy.

The Ring sends Awesome off on a mission, equipped with a GPS-tracking, ear-attaching, exploding earpiece. Somewhere out there, a city official is brainstorming ways to apply that technology to the distracted driver problem. He's also equipped with two communicator watches, helpfully labeled "BAD GUYS" and "GOOD GUYS." Ha!

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