Episode Recap: "You've Got Yale!"

After several weeks of intense episodes about deaths (both real and fake) and grieving, it seemed like this week, Gossip Girl was going for a lighter tone about college acceptances and a night at the opera. However, when Blair and Jack didn't get what they wanted, things took a very dark turn.

Blair's version of My Two Dads were visiting and getting her all pumped up for her anticipated acceptance to Yale. They had the sweatshirts, and they even had a new pet bulldog for her, which basically translated to more work for Dorota. Soon enough, Dan got the news that he got accepted to Yale! Then Serena got accepted! And Blair got... wait-listed. Which led her good pal Serena to lie and say she got wait-listed, too.

Now every time Serena lies to Dan, things go badly, and this was no exception. By the time he found out Serena did get in and turned it down, he interpreted these actions to mean that she didn't want to go to the same school as him. But she reall did want to go with him...maybe. I can't say for sure — she's a hard person to figure out sometimes. She was being a good friend to the point self-sacrifice when she put Blair's wishes ahead of hers and said no to Yale so that Blair could be bumped up off of the waiting list. And as selfish as Blair can be, even she told her not to give up Yale for her.

However, while Yale was always Blair's dream, you can't say the same for Serena, who often talked about wanting to go to Brown (though she never talked about any school as passionately as Blair did). Then there's the whole publicity factor: Yale basically accepted Serena just to use her for her society-page status, as evidenced by the fact that they wanted to issue a press release about her acceptance. This rightly bothered her, making her feel used as well as somewhat undeserving. Yet Serena still seems very unsure about what she wants to do next year.

Although it seemed like she and Dan were working very hard at getting beyond the awkwardness of their parents dating, Serena's decision about Yale bothered Dan. He ignored her phone call at the end, instead turning his attention toward Serena's new favorite teacher, the young and attractive Ms. Carr (Laura Breckinridge, from the WB's Related). Does this mean Dan's going to start dating a teacher?! They both appear to be too into doing the right thing to ever cross that line. Nevertheless, they make a good fit: they're both moralistic, and they both come from well-grounded, middle-class backgrounds.

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