Episode Recap: "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis"

The holidays are a time for giving, but this poses to be a huge dilemma for Sheldon. Meanwhile, Leonard's co-worker asks Penny on a date which brings out his jealous side.

We first find the guys in the cafeteria discussing Superman's uniform and it's resistance to stains. Raj asks, "What about Kryptonite pit stains?" As they continue trying to stump Sheldon, a colleague David Underhill walks into the cafeteria. In a great scene, each one individually takes a turn looking over to see him in order to not make it obvious. To Leonard's surprise, David walks up to him and lets him know that he would like to work with him. Leonard is flattered and obviously says yes, giving him not only his home phone and his cell number...but also his parents number (just in case).

Next, we see Sheldon, Raj, and Howard playing sports in the living room...and when I say "sports" I mean Nintendo Wii Bowling. (And just like Howard...I too am horrible at Wii Bowling) As they continued bowling in their matching blue outfits, Leonard walks in and brags about how his work day went with David. Sheldon briefly scolds him about missing Wii Wednesdays, but is quickly interrupted when Penny walks in and asks if they have a Christmas tree so she can place gifts underneath. Sheldon is offended by her statement and is also uneasy with the fact that Penny got both him and Leonard "silly neighbor gifts." Not only does this go against everything he believes in, but it now gives him an obligation. He then replies, "No wonder suicides sky rocket this time of year."

The next scene we see Leonard limping up the apartment steps with the help of his lab partner David. It turns out a motorcycle fell on him...a non-moving one. As they continue to walk up the steps, Penny see's them and is introduced to David. It is obvious that Penny is attracted to Leonard's colleague and she immediately attempts to impress him. Being he is a physicist, she tells him about her "love" of science (not to mention that she is also "the queen of the nerds"). It didn't take much to impress the guy, because as soon as they dropped Leonard off at his apartment door, he asked Penny if she would like to check out his lab. She quickly obliged, got her jacket, and left with David...leaving a visibly depressed Leonard alone at his door. You can't help but feel bad for the guy...

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Sep 2, 2009 10:13PM EDT

This episode had my daughter and I laughing so hard and we have not missed an episode since. Sheldon, Leonard and Penny are all so funny any play off each other so well, it's amazing. ENJOY!!

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