Kate Gosselin Returns to 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' Refreshed

Living through all that scandal and the negative press from the current twists in their lives, Kate Gosselin remains optimistic about her return on Jon & Kate plus 8. The split with Jon Gosselin has given her a new outlook on life, which she's hoping to bring to the show. Could this attitude be that of even more vengeance?

It's still pretty vague for those who haven't seen the new episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8. Still, the notorious matriarch admits that the changes won't transform her in a way that would jeopardize her kids' safety. She discussed the matter with Us Magazine, telling them about how she'll tackle the series.

"It is my new attitude that I'm going to do things I've never done before," Kate Gosselin revealed. On the show, the iconic couch the couple was previously interviewed in has been replaced. Now, a one-person armchair will be featured, which is where Kate expressed her feelings.

Kate Gosselin has also claimed that her eight children are doing really well despite the divorce, since she and Jon have been taking turns seeing them. It's not like the kids have a choice, do they?

"I still have 8 kids. They are still kids, they still enjoy things," the Jon and Kate Plus 8 star admitted. "They still want to do things. It is not their fault that what has transpired has transpired."

Indeed, the kids didn't really have anything to do with what happened between Jon and Kate. Unfortunately, they're the ones who have to suffer for it. Then again, the damages brought by their parents' relationship ending don't seem to have dawned upon them yet.

According to Kate Gosselin, her children have adjusted to not having both parents around. No matter how much she says that, the kids will obviously be affected and things won't be the same for them. We'll just have to see how well they do when Jon and Kate Plus 8 airs once again on TLC.

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