Sons of Anarchy: It All Comes Down to a Bloody Prison Fight

After all the tension between Clay and Jax, it all comes down to a bloody prison fist fight in "Gilead," the seventh episode of Sons of Anarchy's second season. Ironically, this episode is supposed to be about healing of sorts though it seems like the wounds are deeper than ever. And if you're expecting these two men to set aside their differences in attempt to survive jail, then clearly you haven't been watching Sons of Anarchy that long.

After the unsuccessful raid last week, most of SAMCRO's members are now behind bars without any protection from the locked up Aryans. But our favorite motorcycle club is not without a plan. They make a deal with some convicted One-Niners in order to gain protection in return for some shady errands inside and outside prison. Juice is used as sexual bate inside the penitentiary while Opie is tasked to work outside prison to set up a witness as part of the One-Niners' deal. Juice hilariously follows through but the club is unfortunately put in jeopardy when the witness gets away.

Meanwhile, Gemma is pulling all strings to get SAMCRO out of jail. She knows that if she doesn't get them out of prison, she might never see any of them ever again. She goes to Elliot Oswald since he owes the club for bringing justice for his daughter's rape and for saving his property. Oswald is reluctant at first but he eventually folds and comes up with the money needed for bail.

Unfortunately, the beef between Clay and Jax has gotten worse and it takes Agent Stahl to drive an even bigger wedge between the two just before they find out that a bail has already been posted. She enlists Clay's help in taking down the IRA in exchange for immunity and when he doesn't give in, she concocts a little story about Jax spilling the dirt behind Donna's death and conniving with Hale behind the club's back.

Now for the moment we've all been waiting for. Instead of confronting Jax, Clay punches him and this leads to a brutal fight. The brawl doesn't solve anything because it just leaves SAMCRO damaged more than ever. Agent Stahl, on the other hand, is ready to do even more damage by offering Jax the same deal she offered Clay. However, all she gets from Jax is a threat and a validation of his true allegiance to SAMCRO.

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