'NCIS' Season 7, Episode 5: Larceny Lotto's, Mr. Roger, and Code Reds - Recap

To be completely honest, I expected a way funnier NCIS Halloween episode. Though "Code of Conduct" was light and had nice moments - for one, Tony and Gibbs repeatedly calling Ziva "probie" - it could've been funnier. Like Abby, for instance, yes, her lab was turned into a some sort of dumping ground for all of the victim's prank paraphernalia (and she's not wearing costumes because of Vance and McGee and skinny jeans), but other than, what? OK there's one - Gibbs had to suddenly slow down impatiently because there were a lot of motion-sensitive stuff in the room.

The case this week on NCIS was the death/suicide/murder of a Marine who was notoriously known - in his own neighborhood and even while deployed in overseas combat - as a prankster. In a weird turn of events, his body was discovered by a bunch of young pranksters, his princes of pranks, while doing a prank of their own. It looked suicide at first glance, but after multiple examination of evidence, it turned out that it was something else other than the first clues pointed to.

Who did it? Not grumpy Mr. Rogers, not creepy muscle guy, not his wife with the history of dead Marine husbands. Abby, for instance, found other chemicals in the guy's stomach, indicating that someone tried to poison him some time ago. But lo and behold, there were also injuries even before the poisoning incident, and it's possible that an entire squad was responsible for it. "Code Red" Gibbs instantly called it, and we thought we had it. But nothing is what it seems on NCIS, and finally, it turned out that it was the step-daughter who did it to get her young hands on the trust fund.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS?

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