Smallville Season 9, Episode 18: "Charade" Review

Another Smallville, another cute little outfit for Lois Lane to parade around in. "Charade" focuses on the shaky love triangle between Clark, Lois and the Blur. For Clark this is obviously a strange situation as he desperately wants to reveal to Lois who he truly is but ultimately fears for her safety. Well, consider this. Lois does a fantastic job getting herself into trouble without knowing the Blur's true identity and she will continue to get herself into trouble without knowing the Blur's true identity. Both Clark and Chloe know this. As much as these, "I can't tell her my secret identity" storylines are great for building romantic tension, they usually end up feeling fairly unrealistic.

Worst-case scenario: Clark tells Lois his secret and she continues to put herself in dangerous situations. Nothing changes except Clark and Lois live happily ever after. Don't get me wrong, I'm not just ragging on Smallville for this. I've seen it in just about ever superhero story in which someone must protect their secret identity to protect the ones they love. when the ones they love are getting themselves in trouble every issue/week. In the case of Smallville it's just frustrating because we've been through this storyline on more than one occasion. It took Clark years to open up to Lana.

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