SNAP!!! *warning spoilers**

GOD i love how the show is turning out. It was pretty boring in the beginning, but now that the killer is out and everything is making sense its soooo good!!!

We were all so fooled thinking that the killer was in the wedding partying and it was awesome how he used everyone in the wedding party as a part of his master plan. I love how the writers wrote his show because it kept all the viewers jumping from one person to the next wondering who the killer was but deep down inside i knew he wasn't dead!!! BUt then again they could always have another twist!! only 3 more to go and i cant wait!!



Default avatar cat
Jun 19, 2009 8:13AM EDT

I think there is another twist brewing up... I would be kinda disappointed in the show if it just ended up being him. it seems like an easy out so to speak. I'm not saying hes not involved just that it would be great to see a killer being from the wedding party too...otherwise whats the point of the tag line 25 suspects, one murderer or something of the like.that being said it was a good eppy, I enjoyed the suspense involving jimmy, and was very happy when my next two victim predictions came true.

Default avatar cat
Jun 19, 2009 9:41AM EDT

i agree...the how is getting REALLY good.but i also think that wakefield isn't diong these things alone.we'll definitely have a surprise in the end.
as for jimmy: you knew he wasn't dead because you didn't see him right before the explosion on the boat.and as much as i hate to say it: he could still be the accomplice...he might me wakefields real son...but it even said that wakefield had a kid with abby's mother?if so...this all would be quite incestuous...and my theory would be wrong (they would never dare to touch such a controversal topic in an entertainment tv show).hmmmmm....nikki seemed weird in some parts of this episode...maybe it's her.i just can't wait to find out.

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