The Hills: Heidi Montag Ditched Sister's Unpaid Birthday Party

Before Lilo and Stitch attack Heidi Montag for not comprehending the meaning of "ohana," let's see what this Hills star has done lately. It might just be enough to deserve a catfight with a blue-clawed alien. Fox News reports that the wife of Spencer Pratt refused to attend the birthday party of her sister, Holly Montag, because she wasn't being paid to do so.

Holly celebrated her 26th birthday at Empire Hollywood in Los Angeles last Saturday, an event also known as the cause of Stephanie Pratt's DUI arrest. The guests who showed up, while admirable enough, lacked a couple of relatives important to Holly and The Hills. That's right, Speidi was invited but they weren't present during the festivities.

"Holly was really wishing that her sister could just be a sister and stop by her birthday party, but Heidi only goes places if she is getting paid," an insider close to the stars revealed to the publication. "I mean, this is her sister and she wouldn't even show up without a fee. That's disgusting."

Even though it's difficult to believe an unnamed source these days, we can sort of see Heidi Montag doing this sort of thing anyway. Sure, she often appears to care for her sister on The Hills. But we all know how "real" that is.

Still, choosing money over blood is a bit odd for anyone. Heidi has already been badgering Spencer to raise a family, but her absence during Holly's party makes it appear that she isn't that ready for such a responsibility.

Well, okay, it was just one party. The weird thing is, Heidi Montag just doesn't miss out on such events. Always with an eye for publicity, we can bet we'll hear her explanation some time in the near-future. Until then, Stitch is going to retract those claws of his before teaching Heidi Montag a lesson about family. Too bad he's fictional.

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