"Hero In the Hold"

What i dont understand much is that Parker is a ghost yet he helped booth out of the sinking ship and at the end he even talked to Bones? Was Parker there to help Booth through a tough time and pay back respects? Whats going on with that, they really didnt touch much on the subject of Parker and Booth? are we suppose to understand everything more next season or something?



Feb 7, 2009 10:56AM EST

Ya i thought that the idea of a ghost to be able to actually physically swim under water and bring booth back a poll to act as a fulcrum was just plain insane. the fact that bones actually spoke to the ghost, to me, seemed like the writer was almost attempting to prove that ghosts are real, making the whole episode itself too unrealistic.
Did anyone else think that there was a complete lack of tension in this episode? I don't want to moan and complain because i did enjoy this episode, but it definitely wasn't near the usual standard.
Booth is so sexy it should be illegal for him to wear clothes. :]

Default avatar cat
Feb 9, 2009 12:53PM EST

I think there was no ghost. Somebody told Booth in the end "it would take two people to do all that you did", so I think Booth just imagined (remembered) Parker and it gave him such incredible strength and desire to live that it was enough for two people. I think he did everything himself but he neede to think that someone was helping him not to give up.

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Feb 19, 2009 8:27PM EST

I think it was Parker's ghost. A lot of people believe that ghosts can actually do physical acts. A lot of the time they come more in forms of demons and whatnot but in this situation it worked. There isn't really a way that Booth would be able to reach the strength of two people. I believe the ghost theory more than Booth gaining extra strength. I have hear many stories before where people have seen and even been able to talk to people that they know have passed. They had unfinished business as friends and colleagues from when Parker died in action. It was closure for Booth and possibly foreshadowing for future episodes concerning the relationship of Booth and those important to him. It is also simply an insight into Booth's past and his internal struggle with fighting in the war.

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