Hayao Miyazaki on the Future of Studio Ghibli and Possible PORCO ROSSO Sequel

Master animator Hayao Miyazaki gave an interview to the Japanese magazine Cut recently in which he discussed Studio Ghibli's possible future. He talked about his own involvement in Ghibli's upcoming films which he hopes will include a sequel to his 1992 feature Porco Rosso - and the possible dissolution of the Oscar winning studio.

The proposed sequel, entitled Porco Rosso: The Last Sortie would put the pig-faced fighter pilot in the middle of the Spanish Civil War. The chance that this will end up being Miyazaki's next film are probably pretty slim, though, since the director is notorious for getting excited about projects and then moving onto something else before they come to fruition. He personally courted Ursula K. LeGuin for years for the rights to make an Earthsea film, but when she finally signed them over to him, he passed the job on to son Goro (with less than spectacular results). Even Miyazaki himself admitted in the Cut interview that a Porco sequel might not be worth seriously considering, dismissing it as ''an old man's hobby. Hit the jump to read the full scoop on what's coming up at Studio Ghibli and my own thoughts on the chances of us every seeing Porco fly again.

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