Friday Night Lights Season 4, Episode 3: "In the Skin of a Lion" Review

Ah, gotta love the dilemmas this show puts the characters through. They are, of course, agonizing, but so very involving and emotional. Vince resents Luke being put on the Lions and feels Luke is being completely favored and given preferential treatment - while Luke feels Eric is completely devaluing him and not giving him a real shot. These perceptions are understandable for both characters, yet neither is seeing the whole picture.

Not that I'm surprised, given this show's history, but it's great that Vince is not instantly being portrayed as a kid with a heart of gold. We've met his mom, we know his criminal history - obviously Vince has a lot of baggage, and it's carrying over into his time with the Lions. Meanwhile, that a-hole Coach kicked off the team in the first episode keeps egging him on, and making things racially charged, by saying the white Eric and Luke are sticking together. Not fun to see, but certainly compelling.

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