'Lost' Recap: Ben Digs Himself Out of His Own Grave

Previously on Lost: Sayid turned evil and helped Flocke destroy the Temple, Kate may or may not have been recruited, Miles was rescued by the Ajira people, Jack and Hurley were chilling at the lighthouse and altverse Ben met altverse Locke in the teacher's lounge.

Altverse Ben

In altverse land, Ben Linus, European history teacher, educates his kids about the importance of the island of Elba and how being exiled wasn't the worst thing for Napoleon, it was the lack of power.

In case the subtext isn't obvious enough, Dr. Linus complains during lunch about how awful the principal is. Substitute teacher John Locke suggests that Ben should be the principal. It's obvious he cares more about the kids, so he should take over for the person currently in charge. At this point, the subtext is so loud I'm starting to go deaf.

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