COMMUNITY "Debate 109" Review Episode 9

I thought it was another solid effort and I think the writers have been doing a great job of keeping the show interesting. For example, I never thought that Jeff and Annie would end up kissing! Do you think this was a one time thing, or that the two might hook up again in the future? Even though I was hoping she'd end up with Troy, it was fun having seeing the dynamic between her and Jeff. I can't really picture anything happening between them in the future though.

One thing I noticed about this show is that you have to listen to Shirley very carefully. A lot of time she talks rather quickly while other characters are talking and it's easy to miss whats she's saying. I think she often has some of the funniest lines of the show, like tonight when she described Abed as a "middle eastern magic eight ball". LOL!

I still can't get over how awesome Chevy Chase is on Community. It cracks me up that he thinks Britta is a lesbian and that people are envious of his wardrobe. He does look nice in a mock turtle neck

I guess. And what about Abed? It's a little crazy that he was able to anticipate everyone's future. The only that didn't come true was Shirley getting chased by a wolf. The ending was clever how they had the 'Troy' and 'Abed' characters do the rap song.

Lastly, I thought Annie and Jeff made a great team during the debate. Did anyone else catch the E! Reference they made to Jeff? I was also pleased by the return appearance of John Michael Higgins.

I was thinking after tonight's show that a funny scenario for Community would be for the group to go on a typical college Spring Break trip together.

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