'Mad Men' Moment - Joan Doesn't Need Peggy to Defend Her (VIDEO)

One of the more interesting dynamics on 'Mad Men' (Sundays at 10PM ET on AMC) has always been the tense relationship between Joan and Peggy. They represent two types of women that illustrate the '60s revolution of feminism in a nutshell, and that's mostly what's causing the tension between them.

That dynamic came into play this week. Peggy took matters into her own hands when Joey the freelance artist got under Joan's skin one too many times. Joan didn't like that one bit; she thought she had the problem handled, and she told Peggy that. The scene of the two women talking in the elevator points out exactly why they will probably never get along, at least not while they're working in the same office.

Joan is of the fading generation that is a bit old fashioned; she thinks she wants a home and family life, and knows she can persuade even the most powerful men using her attention and feminine assets. Peggy is the go-getter, who believes that all she needs is her skill and ability to get ahead in the world, and that what goes on at SCDP is the most important thing in her life.

Yet, Joan is resentful of how forthright Peggy can be, and Peggy still looks up to how commanding a presence Joan is, despite the fact that she's much further along in her career at 26 than Joan is at 36.

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