Kim Kardashian's Botox Treatment Goes Very Wrong (VIDEO)

Kim Kardashian is all of 29 years old. Still, the celebrity has already decided to resort to cosmetic surgery. On 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' (Sun., 10PM ET on E!), Kim decides to have a Botox treatment "just to get rid of my wrinkles once and for all." (Uh, Kim? What "wrinkles" are you referring to? You're twenty-nine, for God's sake.)

Ms. Kardashian is accompanied by her sister Khloe -- who seems very against the procedure, and who decides to be as unhelpful as possible. "You're so stupid," she says to Kim. "Shut up," Kim replies. By the way, this qualifies as some extremely witty banter in the world of the Kardashians. But in the end, Khloe turns out to be right. The whole Botox thing is a terrible idea.

Why? Because once the injections are done, the problems begin. First, Kim reports that her face is itching. And later on, while Kim is resting in the bath, Khloe points out that her sister has black bruises all around her eyes: "It looks like someone socked you in your face, Mike Tyson." Khloe asks if it hurts, and this is the reply from her sister: "Yes."

Gosh. How unexpected. Who would have thought that injecting a poisonous toxin into your face could possibly have a bad result?

For the record, Kim has previously admitted to getting Botox, though she has denied that she has had any plastic surgery done on her face or her body.

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