MAD MEN ''Christmas Comes But Once a Year'' Review Season 4, Episode 2

It is Christmas time at Sterling Cooper Draper and Pryce despite the fact that it is actually reaching sweltering temperatures everywhere else in the world. Used to the extravagant parties of the past, the staff seems somewhat disappointed that it will be scaled down this year. In fact, spouses and guests are not even allowed. That all changes, of course, when Lee from Lucky Strikes shows up in town expecting a grand Christmas party. Joan steps in to kick the party up a notch and makes sure there is plenty of girls, gifts and liquor for the agency's biggest client. Naturally, spouses and guests are encouraged to come as more bodies equals a greater appearance of success. If there is anything more meaningful to the agency and its partners than appearances, I have yet to see it.

Of course, catering to your client's every whim does not come without a price. This time it is Roger that pays the price. It was Roger that caved to Lee's insistence at showing up at the Christmas party that didn't exist. Once there, Roger again caved and allowed Lee to bully him into playing Santa. Although it was clear that Lee knew this made Roger uncomfortable, it was also clear that it was for this very reason that Lee insisted on it. And so Roger donned the suit and passed out gifts (Lucky Strikes naturally). Still not enough humiliation for Lee, he also insisted that all employees sit on Roger's lap for pictures taken with Lee's new polaroid camera courtesy of Sterling, Cooper, Draper and Pryce. Is there anything Roger won't do for a client? I guess it doesn't help when that client is 69% of your entire client base.

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