THE OFFICE "Secret Santa" Review Season 6 Episode 13

What did you think of tonight's episode of The Office 'Secret Santa'?

The Christmas specials on The Office have historically been very good. So, I was extra disappointed by tonight's episode "Secret Santa".

I really shouldn't be surprised; this season has been pretty weak. I guess I'm just sick of Michael and Dwight doing the same old routine. I'm also tired of new manager Jim acting like an idiot (he wasn't as bad tonight, but I miss the pranks on Dwight). Even though Michael got a little better by the end of the show, I still wasn't feeling it that much.

What I loved about the last Season of The Office is how Michael actually stepped up and launched his business. For once, he wasn't cringy and immature (well, not as bad as usual), and he actually came across as somewhat smart and likable. This season, all that has gone completely out the window. In my opinion, the show needs to take a break from Michael, Pam and Jim and focus a little bit more on the likes of Andy, Kelley, and Daryl.

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Dec 11, 2009 11:51AM EST

i just about peed myself when he said Jesus a man with the gift of flight who can cure leopards! hahahhahahaha soooo funny!

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