FLASHPOINT ''You Think You Know Someone'' Review

In 'You Think You Know Someone' the tenth episode of FLASHPOINT's third season, Parker is kidnapped by two meth dealers. Their motive is love (I know, I know, meth dealers are like puppies) and vengeance. Their motive is preposterous. The Strategic Response Unit (SRU) is desperate to rescue their lost comrade before it is too late.

This was yet another episode of Flashpoint aired out of order. I cannot say this makes for pleasant serial viewing, though as Flashpoint is one of the most strictly procedural shows I have ever seen, airing episode out of order reveals few spoilers. It's as if there are twenty two writers on the show and each person writes one episode, disregarding anything about any character previous writers have established.

Anyways, pardon my rant. Since his days as a homicide detective Parker has kept in touch with a girl whose junkie mother was shot in front of her. The girl, Hailey, survived drug problems of her own, as well as a meth dealing boyfriend, Kevin. But Kevin, infatuated with Hailey, wants her to know the truth of what happened the night of her mother's murder. Hence the reason he and his partner in crime Tyler kidnap Parker who they mistakenly believe killed Hailey's mother.

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