HAVEN ''Consumed'' Review

Food has never looked less appetizing than on the Consumed episode of HAVEN, where candy apples spoil on their sticks, salmon decomposes on plates, pigeons drop from the sky, and a dead cow's udder shoots out blood. Audrey is at the farmer's market when all the food, from apples to eggs, is suddenly spoiled. The trouble spreads to the local ice cream shop and Audrey and Nathan end up at the Second Chance Bistro, a new restaurant owned by battling brothers Jeff and Bill, on the theory that someone has it out for Jeff. The restaurant opening is a success until Jeff and Bill fight and everyone's salmon rots on their plates. Jeff storms out and is found dead at the pier the next morning. It turns out Bill's anger manifests as hydrochloric acid in any food he's eaten, killing even the original source of the food, but Jeff's death was a coincidence. Jilted sous-chef Katerina drizzled sesame oil on a pastry, knowing Jeff was allergic. Jeff went into anaphylactic shock and fell in the water, drowning.

Once again someone's emotions wreak havoc on the residents of Haven. Drug companies are going to make a fortune keeping people on an even keel. I understand that this is all due to the troubles, that some energy source is manifesting people's thoughts and emotions, but the formula really needs to be changed up. It's much too easy to guess why the spooky event of the week is occurring and from there it's not a big leap to figure out who's responsible. I'd like more suspense.

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