Numb3rs: Season 6, Episode 02: Friendly Fire - Recap

When two FBI agents are killed during a shootout with heavily armed bank robbers, Don and his team must investigate the shooting to determine exactly what happened. The FBI unit involved was headed by Don's former mentor, Pete Fox, and had been tracking the robbers, know for their extremely violent tactics, waiting for them to pull their next job. The only one of the robbers to survive the gun fight was Jim Wilson, and while he admits to pulling the job and shooting at the FBI, he insists that he didn't kill anyone. Charlie uses a three dimensional recreation of the scene to prove that Wilson isn't lying, and as the team starts putting the pieces together they discover that Fox's team was dangerously inexperienced for the mission they were on. They start looking in to Fox and discover he was under investigation for many conduct infractions, and come to the conclusion that Fox had used the shoot out as cover to eliminate the undercover agent who was putting the case against him together. Don goes to confront Fox and finds him at a gun fight simulator course, where the two of them play cat and mouse with live ammo, and Don ultimately is forced to shoot Fox down.

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