Numb3rs: Season 6, Episode 03: Men Out - Recap

Don and his team investigate a deadly gambling ring running a high stakes Russian roulette tournament. They get their first big break when a baby monitor camera picks up a live feed of the tournament in progress. The FBI is able to ID one of the participants, Glen Olin, and discover that he has a long history of gambling and that his wife had reported him missing. Charlie is able to find the website dedicated to the tournament, and monitors it for the next live feed, which leads them to the actual location of the game. The FBI burst in and are able to take Olin in to custody, but are forced to let him go when they can't get any crimes to stick. Knowing that Olin is putting everything he has in to the tournament, including his own life, they put a tail on him which he is quickly able to shake. However, the team is able to put all the pieces together before Olin can play the final round of the tournament. It turns out that a reality television producer down on his luck had created and rigged the game for an accomplice to win, but the accomplice murdered the reality producer so he could keep all the money. The FBI turns up during the final round to take down the accomplice and save Olin's life.

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