Glee Season 1, Episode 5: "The Rhodes Not Taken" - Recap

In "The Rhodes Not Taken," Will brings in a ringer, April Rhodes, played by Emmy winner Kristin Chenoweth, to replace Rachel. She's a bit of a bad influence on the group, though. Also, Finn tries to get Rachel to come back to glee by using an unconventional approach. Elsewhere, Quinn's morning sickness leads to a huge reveal. Let's get started...

The episode kicks off with another rendition of "Don't Stop Believing," except this time, Quinn is taking the lead in Rachel's absence. However, morning sickness has set in and girl can't hold a note, let alone her breakfast. The rest of the glee club knows they need Rachel back, badly.

Terri, Will's wife, is having the opposite problem. Yeah, she can scarf down several slices of pie, but unlike Quinn, she's not losing her meals. So, Will's getting suspicious. Saved by the distracting waiter, Will gets an idea of how to improve glee's standing. Six-year seniors can stick around to stay in the glee club. It's time for a ringer.

Back at school, Finn's called to Emma's office for some "special guidance." She's not a very good liar regarding his current predicament, but she is able to convince him that he could get a free ride to school if he sticks with glee. Emma also pushes him to see if he can convince Rachel to come back, because without their star singer, that scholarship will slip through his fingers.

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