America's Next Top Model Episode Recap: "Take My Photo, Tyra!"

Lulu got the boot last week, so which mini-model will follow in her footsteps?

After some chit-chat, the girls get a Tyra mail that says, "Sometimes you only have a minute to make a second impression." This not so cryptic message ends up being a one-on-one make-up lesson from renowned make-up artist, Sam Fine. He teaches them the importance of being able to do their own make-up for casting calls, and also how to do a great job quickly for last minute auditions.

After their lesson, the girls are greeted by Nigel Barker and his wife outside of a Walmart and he tells them about the challenge that lies ahead for them. They will have to race through four different stations in Walmart trying to create the best look in the least amount of time. However, as always, there is a catch. The girls have to put on specific items, but there are fewer items than there are girls. The winner of the mad dash will receive their photo on the Cover Girl page of and a $1,000 Walmart gift card.

The girls run off to their first station: clothes. Laura is out first clearly running is not her specialty. Erin grabs at the other girls, furiously trying to make her way to the front of the pack. She really does look like she is playing football. At the shoe station, Nicole and Jennifer are eliminated. Brittany and Rae are eliminated next at the makeup station.

It comes down to Erin, Ashley, Bianca, and Sundai. The girls have to put on make-up and then find their picture in a basket and race to the finish line. Erin grabs a bunch of pictures, one of which is Ashley's. She holds onto the picture until she finds her own and then crumbles Ashley's picture so she will be eliminated. Ashley is pretty ticked off about Erin's cheater-like behavior.

Bianca, Erin, and Sundai make it to judging. Sundai is praised for her rosy cheeks, Erin's look is called bland, and Bianca is praised for her eyelashes, but criticized for heavy concealer. Sundai is chosen as the winner because of her glowing look and so she receives the Walmart gift card and her photo on the website.

Back at the house, another Tyra mail arrives. This one reads, "Tomorrow you'll have to wrap your head around this competition." The girls think this means their going to wear headscarves, and they're right!

On the ride to the shoot, the girls talk about how beat up they are from the race. They are clearly being passive aggressive toward Erin, but Erin was physically aggressive toward them so I guess it's fair. Erin begins to cry as the girls start showing off their 'battle scars.'

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