Smallville: Zod Gets A Long Trip, And Lois...

Still, a couple more details on Smallville's upcoming season courtesy of the folks at E! Online, and this time it involves the future of Lois Lane and General Zod--because it's odd watching this show and already knowing what will happen in the end, except that you'll have to wonder how long you'll have to wait to see it. Yeah, we saw the costume at the Comic-Con, and it didn't have anything about a television movie, so...

First up, Lois, who got booted off the Daily Planet. Question was, will she be off it for good? Because it isn't exactly how things will go, right?

"Nobody fires Lois," Erica Durance said.

But Erica, Lois did get fired.

"[Lois] for sure finds her way back there, investigating things, getting into trouble and getting rescued," she added. "It wouldn't be Lois Lane if she wouldn't."

That clears things up, then. Second up, General Zod, and executive producer Brian Peterson talking about how he'll be introduced in the series--not as general, turns out. "We're introducing him as Major Zod, before he even turns to General Zod, so we get to see his trajectory into becoming the villain he's known as," he said. "We've never had a Kryptonian living on Earth with Clark for an entire season, and [see] how that affects Clark's journey."

So what, are we jumping forward and backward in time? I think that's a different superhero altogether.

"We're going to be exploring a lot of that this year, without trying to do too much time jumping and alternate universes," Peterson said. "We're going to try to explore the relationship between Zod and Clark, and what if that were different? Zod and Jor-El, and what if that had been different in the past? In the first six episodes, we're going to get to it pretty quickly."

So maybe Krypton won't get saved, or at least that's how I understand it... but I'm still confused. Fine, then.

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