Riding and Fighting on 'The Real Housewives of DC'

It's Michaele's birthday (her 44th, props to her for admitting it). As a present, her husband presents her with a collection of accessories and tells her to "pick one," which turns into "you can pretty much have all of them." Then he gives her a horse. Seriously, asking for a pony is not a joke anymore. And Michaele names the horse Sparkle. Might I remind you this is her 44th birthday, not her fourth.

Mary, an equal opportunity jackass, gets frustrated with her housekeeper Rosa, who is cleaning tufts of dog hair off the floors. Mary levels with Rosa, speaking in broken Spanish and telling Rosa, "mucho mess," "shampoo the rugs if posible, the perro peepee. And we need to . . . limpia the walls." The subtitles were being kind in their translation.

Cat tells her daughters that she "pinky swore" Michaele that they'd go riding together. If their accents weren't so charming, her daughters' reactions may have come off as bratty. Cat meets with Mary to convince her to come along. Then Mary complained more about her daughter's dog, Kona. Cat tells Mary that her daughters won't be getting a second chance when they leave the house, then bosses Mary's daughter around because she is their waitress. Is it just me or is Cat a total bitch behind that British accent?

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