How I Met Your Mother Episode Recap: "Girls vs. Suits" Season 5, Episode 12

Hello, Mother fans! Welcome to the first episode of 2010...and the 100th episode of the series! (Can you believe it?) Barney faces a tough choice when a smoking hot bartender asks him to give up his suits, and Ted comes thisclose to meeting the titular Mother. This episode was chock-full of awesome, from guest stars to a big musical number to a surprise cameo. There's a lot to cover here, so let's get to it!

Future Ted tells us that you never know when you're about to meet someone important. This leads into the true story of how he met the kids' mother...'s roommate. Sigh. So close. But this story is entirely about the roommate, a cute Columbia student named Cindy (Rachel Bilson). Ted first encounters Cindy as she's trying to ward off a group of losers who are trying to get her to drink with them. As a faculty member, Ted deems it his duty to confiscate the alcohol - except for the pack of hard lemonade one meathead is sporting. Ted and Cindy share a drink in Ted's classroom, where Cindy reveals that a) she's a PhD student, and b) that she was in Ted's "wrong" classroom on his first day of teaching, and she thought he was a complete (but cute) idiot. Ted makes this work for himself by asking her if she ever dates cute idiots. Her response? "Almost exclusively." Go Ted!

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