Recap Charmed: Season 5, Episode 6 - The Eyes Have It

Phoebe seeks out a gypsy fortuneteller to see why she hasn’t had any premonitions lately. The gypsy, Teresa, at first questions if Phoebe is a true believer, after assuring Teresa she is a believer, Teresa reads Phoebe’s palm. Teresa sees that Phoebe has a strong family line and good job, but that Phoebe has been immersing herself in her work too much. She has been running away from a problem, using work as an excuse. This work is causing her to be overstressed; hence she is having a problem with her powers. Teresa volunteers to help Phoebe try and clear the block; instead Teresa sees Phoebe’s premonition, Teresa’s death from Orin, the gypsy hunter. Teresa pushes Phoebe out of her show and calls her gypsy friend, Lydia. She tells Lydia of what she saw. While the women are on the phone together, Cree, Orin’s son, comes to Lydia’s shop and kills her. He takes her eyes with him.

The next morning Phoebe finally lets her sisters in on her problem of not being able to use her powers. Piper, Paige and Leo are all concerned that Phoebe doesn’t have the ability to use her powers. Phoebe says that she has been so busy with the newspaper that she hasn’t really noticed that she hasn’t used her powers. She tells them that she went to a gypsy fortuneteller the day before and that she saw Phoebe’s premonition. Phoebe asks Paige to go to the woman’s store and check up on her.

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