'Jersey Shore' Recap: Did Vinny Smoosh Snooki and Are Sam and Ron Done?

Tonight's Jersey Shore kicked off with us getting to relive the awkward, half-hearted slap heard 'round Miami between drunkity-drunk Angelina's hand and Pauly D's pretty little face.

As soon as the inventor of the bitch slap, Jenni, steps in, drunk-face backs down and slurs, "I didn't smack him."

"I can't believe she'd step on the only toes she had in the house," Pauly D reflects in some one-on-one time with the camera. Apparently, she either doesn't have toes attached to her own feet, or ... or ... yeah, I got nothing.

The next day, things are all business as the crew heads to the gelato shop to get schooled by Enzo, who Vinny weirdly asks to call him Vincenzo, in the ways of frozen treats. Jenni's upset that her "girls" can't breathe in the black T her boss asks them to wear. I say, they're not the only things not getting enough oxygen.

Later Angelina pretends to have totally blacked out during her drunk smackdown with Pauly D the night before and has no idea what happened.

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