Recap Charmed: Season 5, Episode 7 - Sympathy for the Demon

Cole is in a meeting at his law firm. As he is discussing the case he is working on he thinks he hears voices coming from those in the meeting with him. The voices tell him that he is evil and will always be evil. Cole realizes that he is hallucinating and leaves. In the elevator he encounters two more individuals that look like demons, he tries to vanquish them but finds out that his vanquish is really just another hallucination.

Back in his office, Phoebe is waiting with their final divorce papers. He tries to tell her what happened, but the voices tell him that Phoebe will only see his words as evil. As they begin discussing the divorce he tells Phoebe that he still loves her. She tells Cole that it doesn’t matter because he is evil and will always be evil. He is upset and physically attacks her, but once again Phoebe is a hallucination and he is really attacking his secretary. Cole goes to the manor to try and get the sisters' help.

At the manor, Paige is working on the animal transformation spell that Piper had done before. She can’t get it right and that makes her upset. She wants to be as good as Prue and have the sisters depend on her. When Cole orbs in, Piper and Paige decide that he does need help and go find Phoebe.

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