So You Think You Can Dance: Previewing the Top 6 Performances

"...and Mia went on to say Janette's her absolute favorite this year. Good thing, yes?"

I wrote that on last week's recap slideshow, and I couldn't be more wrong. Then again, I don't think anybody anticipated Janette would be going home. Watching last week's results, I knew Kayla will be going. She had to go. (Nothing against her: I like her, but between the two of them, it was a matter of choosing the lesser evil.) But, alas, it didn't happen.

That was perhaps just the icing on what generally was a disappointing last week on So You Think You Can Dance. Sure, there's the very touching breast cancer routine from Melissa and Ade, but before we got there, we had to deal with five flat performances. And then there was the heavily-hyped 100th episode, or to be more precise, the heavily-hyped Katie Holmes performance--and you know what happened with that one.

There were good things last week, yes, but overall last week fell a little flat, oddly enough. Nobody should be blamed: it was cosmic energy fluctuating things. Not even Wade Robson's dancing can save it. Or it's just me.

Which, admittedly, got me a bit waiting for this week's shows. It's the penultimate week: at the end of Thursday night's results, two more will be going home, and we'll have our final four. I still think Melissa is on her way out, and to an extent Evan, but I've discussed that already, so I won't elaborate. I'm wondering how Brandon will step up the game this week, for it's pretty much him against Ade for the top male slot. In a perfect world, at least.

As for the girls, I'm now rooting for Jeanine, because she's got me spinning, to quote the Black Eyed Peas.

Again, we already mentioned this last Monday, so I'll just list the genre spoilers down for consistency's sake:

Jeanine and Ade: hip-hop (Tabitha and Napoleon) and rumba (possibly Louis van Amstel)

Kayla and Brandon: contemporary (Stacey Tookey) and disco (Doriana Sanchez)

Melissa and Evan: Broadway (Tyce Diorio) and quickstep (possibly Louis van Amstel)

And, before we find out who the final four is, we'll be treated to some singing from Sean Paul, and some dancing from JabbaWockeeZ. Bounce, yo. So You Think You Can Dance returns tonight from 8pm on Fox, and after all this is done, one more week. That's when we get giddy with the finale. And one month later, it all begins again...

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