Jon and Kate Plus 8: The Gosselin Nanny Affair

Well this is a not-too-shocking turn of events. Reports from In Touch Weekly have surfaced, revealing yet another, far worse side to Jon Gosselin. As if the country didn't hate him enough.

The publication revealed that a nanny of the Gosselins, 23-year-old Stephanie Santoro, claims she had an affair with the Jon & Kate plus 8 patriarch. She didn't just care for the kids while employed by the family; she also cared for Jon. No wonder Kate Gosselin didn't want to give her a job.

Jon's already been linked to numerous women in the past, and is currently dating Hailey Glassman. Still, his past will never let him rest. He must be as "romantic" as Santoro says. Well, it's one thing she said that made the whole story hard to believe.

According to the news, Jon asked the nanny to give him a massage one day in their home. As they sat there, Santoro says he told her: "Well, I guess we can kiss just once." It wasn't long before he warned the girl not to fall for him. Can this guy's ego get any bigger?

Jon apparently said, "Whatever you do, don't fall in love with me, because it's going to be impossible for me not to fall in love with you." They later made their way to the hot tub even though she was worried that the kids would find them. He even had to check that they were all asleep.

If all that isn't scandalous enough, Santoro admitted that she had sex with Gosselin nine times. The sordid interview with her goes on, revealing more than we can about the father of eight. She even said that Jon "wasn't terrible, but it wasn't the best I ever had."

While we can never truly know if there's some truth to this story, it's still a bothersome issue. We're pretty familiar with how horrible Jon Gosselin can get sometimes, but we can't exactly imagine him doing all that with the children in the house. Unless he really doesn't care about them after all.

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